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One of the greatest finds in blackjack history is the card counting strategy. Combined with basic strategy, it gives you the chance to gain an advantage over the casino, which means that you are more likely to beat the banker than they are likely to beat you. This is still incredibly exceptional for a table game. And we must take advantage of it.

The Right Counts

We have seen the Hi Low counting technique before, this strategy is extra but can be improved. Let’s be logical, when you have a positive count, it means the game is going to your advantage and it’s time to bet. But imagine that in the shoe, there are still 5 games left, it means that your positive account could quickly become a negative account in a few draws. The game can therefore turn quickly to the advantage of the banker and that must be foreseen. On the other hand, if there is only one game left in the shoe is that your count is positive, then it has a lot more impact. It is this refinement that we will achieve thanks to the true count.

How to guess the remaining games?

The key to this method is how many decks of cards are left in the shoe in the slot88. At first glance, it does not seem complicated but imagine all the same that at this moment in your mind, there is the basic strategy which works to predict your actions, there is the counting of the cards which is in being done and in addition, you add the true count, it is not that easy to manage. So two solutions are available to you:

  • Either you count the cards one by one when you play. Example, you play on the Internet, you are therefore alone with the croupier, you already know that there are 4 cards per minimum round (initial hands) + the cards drawn by you and by the croupier. You add up and when you get to 52 you know that a game has been taken off the shoe.
  • Either you visualize the approximate size of a deck of cards, we are talking about its thickness here, and you make yourself imaginary limits. Once you see a limit go, you count one game less. This method is more approximate but obviously easier to achieve.

The calculation method to refine your count

It’s very simple, to recalculate an account that you would have made, you have to take the value of this account and then quite simply apply a division by the number of decks of cards remaining, nothing could be simpler.

Let’s take an example, you are at +9, you tell yourself that it’s time to play hard. Using the true count, you realize that there are still three decks of cards left in the shoe, so that makes 9/3 = +3 which immediately becomes less interesting.